Watercolor and Pastel Techniques for Light Filled Paintings

How to Capture Light and Vibrancy with Watercolor and Pastels

Course Summary

Do you want to add something different to your watercolor paintings? How about your journals too?
How about combining the spontaneous effects of watercolor with the zing of pastels?

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Use loose watercolor washes with confidence;
  • Work with big brushes to create big, bold shapes in watercolor;
  • Too see the light and dark shapes that give paintings impact.

Then you will see how to:
  • Add powerful strokes of line and color with soft pastels;
  • Where to focus on your paintings for maximum impact and delight your viewers;
  • Avoid blending away color and instead make your colors sing with variety and boldness.

A basic knowledge of painting is all you require to quickly take advantage of these techniques. Even beginners will learn valuable techniques for more confident brushwork, use of color and texture.
This course will be helpful to anyone with a basic knowledge of painting. Even if you have not tried watercolors before you will benefit from using the easy techniques demonstrated here.

So sit back and enjoy watching the lessons and demonstrations. Then jump into the class assignment and try out these techniques for yourself. With practice and a bold spirit you will transform ordinary paintings into something stunning for you and your friends to enjoy.

Let's begin

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Malcolm Dewey Dewey

Professional artist and writer.

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  • Watercolor and Pastel Techniques for Light Filled
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