The Art of Content Marketing: Dynamic Strategy

How to develop your unique strategy for visual content marketing. The One Thing every creative business needs now.

Course Summary

How to get your creative business noticed?
How to grow your business consistently over the long haul?
How to stand out from the crowd?
These are questions that all creative entrepreneurs ask. In a world of noise and mediocrity how do you make yourself heard? 

The answer is what this course is going to teach you. 

As part of the course package you will be able to consult with me online. I will assess your content marketing position and help you work out a personalised strategy. This will include your website, blog and social media strategy. I will help you:

  1. set goals and a marketing plan together,
  2. Hold you accountable for your first steps;
  3. Provide feedback
The online consultations include two video calls for up to an hour each.

The problem is all too common. You are producing great work, but you cannot seem to break out all the other competing voices yelling for attention. It is this frustration that leads to cynicism and eventually throwing in the towel. Blogs are abandoned, regular 9-5 jobs are sought and dreams put on hold. There is a better way!

Yes I also went through a massive career change from professional to full time artist. It was a huge leap of faith and it gave me sleepless nights! 
To justify the career change I had to make a viable business. This gave me freedom and confidence to focus on my art. In a time of economic slump too! To make this happen in your business you need to focus on developing a strong business foundation - PLUS  a marketing strategy that works for you.

This course will focus on showing you have to prioritise a content marketing strategy that will help your start up grow. Not simply over the short term either. Growth that you can sustain and develop over the long haul.
There has never been a better time to grow your business. Now it is time to make a plan and it all starts with a winning strategy.
The course includes:

  • Recognising your mental blocks and destroying them
  • Finding out the priorities for your business strategy
  • Your written mission and plan
  • Finding your audience
  • What are content channels?
  • Choosing effective channels
  • Visual marketing as a priority
  • Identifying Goals
  • Content Calendars? Are they necessary?
  • Tools for the job
  • Taking Effective Action
Ready to begin?

Course Curriculum

Malcolm Dewey

Professional artist and writer.

Course Pricing

  • One time payment
  • $95 USD

    One time payment with life time access