Painting Trees and Light in Oils

Complete Painting Demonstrations

Course Summary

Join Malcolm Dewey and watch him paint a complete oil painting from start to finish. The Village Walk is a scene filled with trees, light and color. Subjects that Malcolm will paint while explaining his process in detail. Learn and enjoy watching this over-the-shoulder painting experience. Total Length 60 minutes.

What You will learn:
- How to simplify complex trees, bushes and shadows into a pattern;
- How to paint shadows;
- The importance of clean color notes;
- How to develop the painting from basic sketch to completion;
- Mixing greens;
- Loose brushwork

and much more

Course Curriculum

Malcolm Dewey

Professional artist and writer.



I recommend this video to any artist who wants to learn how to interpret and simplify a scene filled with green trees and bushes. Also how to paint shadows and light. It is easy to Understand, Informative and fun. The demonstration is Full of Practical and Valuable tips for the oil painter who wants to Enhance their Skills. Suitable for any skill level.

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  • Village Walk Oil Painting Tutorial
  • $65 USD

    Full painting demonstrations of Trees, Light and Shadow by Malcolm Dewey. This is a growing series of detailed painting lessons.

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