Painterly Landscape Workshop

The painting workshop program for advanced learning. This is also part of my Art Coaching material.

Course Summary

The complete Painting Workshop to teach the painterly style.

The workshop my foundation courses plus additional advanced learning.

The objective of the workshop is to teach a practical painting process from start to finish

Two Tier Options:
Everyone has their own  requirements for learning and so, by popular demand, I have created three options for you.

Tier One: Painting Tutor:  
This includes full access to the recorded Painterly Workshop materials.  Plus it includes six full critiques (one per section) from Malcolm Dewey on your paintings and assignments. See where you need to correct steps and  fine tune your painting.  Critiques can be in writing, screen capture video or short recorded video demonstrations. You get clear guidance on your work so that you can progress through the course. Plus direct access to me via Slack for feedback and sharing work.

Tier Three: The Painting Coach:
This includes everything from  Tier One. Most importantly it includes one-to-one coaching from Malcolm Dewey by live video each month for six months. This also includes video critiques where appropriate.  The live sessions are recorded so that you can go back to reassess feedback. It you want full personalized coaching then this is the option for you. Important: Due to time constraints enrollment for this tier is held twice annually in January and June.

What you will learn:

  1. We start at the beginning with simplification of a subject. 
  2. Shapes, notan and studies;
  3. Build on the foundation by exploring color in detail;
  4. Composition in practical terms;
  5. Brushwork;
  6. Perspective with focus on aerial perspective and color mixing;
  7. Selected topics to study and paint';
  8. Outdoor work
  9. Still life
  10. Overall process
Each stage is accompanied with assignments that must be completed and shared. Feedback and corrections where required.

A final project will encompass a subject, of the students choice, to be prepared and completed.

The workshop is designed to be completed over six months.

Course Curriculum

Malcolm Dewey Dewey

Professional artist and writer.



Thank you for being willing to mentor me in painting.  In these short weeks I have already learned to look at scenes with new eyes and have gained practical skills.
You are not only a highly skilled artist but also a gifted instructor.  Having both is rare.

I’m grateful and look forward to continuing to learn how to reinterpret what I see to communicate through painting something satisfying and beautiful.
Having you as a coach right beside me in this process has been invaluable - even if it is done with approximately 8400 miles between us!

Thank you for your encouragement and for challenging me to a higher level! (Teresa, N Carolina, USA)

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