How to Paint Like and Impressionist

How to Paint Like an Impressionist

Easy Ways to Develop an Impressionist Style

Course Summary

The techniques, brushwork and color of the Impressionists explained and demonstrated for you.

Both Oil painting and Acrylics are supported.

Learn the following important painting concepts:
- How to identify Impressionist techniques;
- How to use effective brushwork to achieve an Impressionist look;
- How to use broken color like an Impressionist;
-Understand atmosphere and why it is so important
and much more

Then full painting demonstrations to show you how to bring all of this together.

PLUS Bonus Books and Reference:
Download the reference photo and try the painting out. Share the results in the Community channel for feedback and support.
E-Books the two bonus flipbooks with important notes on Impressionist techniques and the book Twelve Impressionist Masters 

Impressionism is a truthful response to the subject. Whilst the moment, the artist captures the effect of light. There is also a freedom to express the emotional and personal response to a scene.
No wonder that Impressionism continues to capture the hearts of artist through time.

Course Curriculum

Malcolm Dewey

Professional artist and writer.

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