Gouache Painting for Beginners

Everything You Need to Start Gouache Painting

Course Summary

Welcome to Gouache Painting for Beginners
The  course that is packed with gouache Painting Techniques, Demonstrations and Tips for all levels

This is not merely a series of demonstrations. What you will receive from the course is a complete painting workshop .

You will receive my best lessons on painting fundamentals like;
- Values
- Color
- Techniques to use with gouache
- How to start a basic painting and develop from there
- How to paint many typical subjects easily;
- How to paint a light filled landscape;
- How to paint a beautiful seascape;
and more

You get permanent access to the course materials. Watch and learn in your own time from home.
Share your progress in the Gouache Painting Academy too.

So start your gouache painting journey and experience the fun and joy of painting with this exceptional medium.

See you there!

Course Curriculum

Malcolm Dewey

Professional artist and writer.

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