How to Paint Beautiful Landscapes in Acrylics ( The Master Lessons)

How to create stunning landscapes in acrylics.

Course Summary

Do you want to level up your acrylic painting skills? Paint Beautiful landscapes in acrylics? Then this is the class for you. This class is for artists who have completed my course Acrylics for Beginners. It is also suitable for anyone with an interest in learning the acrylic painting process from start to finish. In this course we take those lessons and apply them to painting a beautiful landscape.

What you will learn:
How to prepare your  painting process by toning your panel with acrylic wash;
How to  create aerial perspective that is convincing and colorful;
How to lay in dark shapes for impact;
How to use brushwork techniques like scumbling, impasto and cutting-in;
How to use broken color

and much more

An Evolving Course:
This course continues to grow with new demonstrations added from time to time. Each painting demonstration is aimed at growing your experience of new painting subjects and techniques.

Practical techniques you will learn and include into your own painting process.

Includes full commentary with plenty of tips and advice that you can use in your next painting.

So join me and  learn these master tips and techniques for your own paintings.

Course Curriculum

Malcolm Dewey

Professional artist and writer.

This course will show you how I paint a professional quality landscape painting from start to finish. You can apply these lessons to your painting with confidence. They do work.

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  • How to Paint Beautiful Landscapes in Acrylics
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    Acrylic Painting master lessons for stunning light filled landscapes.

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